WJ Inch Plant needs bright, indirect natural light. It can tolerate a little direct sunlight.

It needs moist soil but do not over water. It tends to develop root rot if they are kept too wet. Plant in a well-drained potting soil.

This plant needs to be pinched back regularly to keep it bushy and prevent them from becoming leggy.

Fertilize once or twice a year in the spring or summer using a houseplant fertilizer. Just follow the instructions on the package.

Common Names: Spiderwort, inch plant, flowering inch plant, wandering Willie and purple queen.

Origin: Typically native to Mexico, South America, and Central America.

Available in 8 inch hanging basket

WJ Inch Plant is not meant for human or animal consumption.  It can cause skin irritation. When handling these plants, be sure to wear gloves, long sleeves and eye protection and wash up thoroughly afterward.