This plant requires lots of direct sunlight. Placing it in an east, west or south-facing location for the most sunshine. It’s important to keep this plant clean so it can absorb the light. Make sure you clean both the top and bottom of the leaves. If it starts to drop leaves, the leaves do not open up or the leaves brown, it is a sign that it is not getting enough light. With this plant, if you see that the water is not being absorbed it could also be a sign that it is not getting enough light. Make sure you have a well draining soil and ensure the roots don’t stand in water.

Rotate this plant regularly to promote symmetrical growth.

This plant should be watered regularly and requires lots of watering for it to thrive. Water when the soil is dry to a moist level. Do not let it dry out completely.

Fertilize once a month with a general houseplant fertilizer in the spring and fall. Do not fertilize in the winter months.

Botanical Name:   Strelitzia nicolai

Origin:   Native to South America

Available in 12 inch

Not meant for human or animal consumption.