Violets thrive in moderate to bright, indirect, indoor light. You can tell if they are getting too much light if the leaves turn light green or have a bleached look. Too little light will give them thick, dark green leaves and leggy stems.

The soil should be kept moist. When watering use room-temperature water. They should be put in a loamy soil (soil made of clay, sand, and humus)..

These plants do not like high humidity and the leaves may rot if they get too much. Water from the bottom so you don’t get water on the leaves.

Fertilize with a high phosphorous plant food only during the active season every 2 weeks. Do not over fertilize.

These plants do best in warm conditions (65°F / 18°C or warmer).

Origin: The Mountains of East Africa

Available in 5 and 6 inch

Not intended for human or animal consumption.