String of Pearls is a succulent that does best in a warm and dry environment. Keep them in indirect or filtered, bright light. A south facing window would be best. This plant requires at least 6 to 8 hours of light per day. Do not keep them in direct sunlight because it may cause it to burn.

These should be planted in a cactus/succulent mix and in a container with holes for drainage. Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings then give them a good soak and allow the water to drain. Do not overwater because that could cause rot. In the winter cut back on watering to once per month.

They like to be crowded so make sure the container you put them in is just a little larger than the plant.

This plant does not need much fertilizer. It is best to feed them only once or twice a year at the beginning of spring.

Common Names: String of Pearls and String of Beads

Origin Native to dry areas of southwest Africa 

Available in 5 inch; 3 inch hanging baskets

Not intended for human or animal consumption.