This plant requires bright, indirect light. Do not put in direct sunlight as the leaves will burn and the variegation will fade.

Use a well-draining soil that contains a combination of peat moss, pine bark, perlite and vermiculite. Water pothos when the top of the soil is dry. They do not like to be wet or saturated on a regular basis. If it is overwatered, the leaves will turn yellow and the vine will wilt.

Do not mist this plant. To increase humidity use a pebble tray with water.

Fertilize once per month with a complete, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer from spring to fall.

Common Name:    Satin Pothos, Silk Pothos, Silver Pothos, Silver Philodendron

Origin:   Native to Southeast Asia

Available in 6 inch

Not meant for human or animal consumption.