Pickle plant is a succulent that obtained their common name because of the shape of their leaves. The leaves are covered with white thorn-like hairs which are soft to the touch.

It requires bright, indirect light so a south or west facing window would be best. Keep them at a moderate temperature and avoid drafty areas.

Plant in a cactus or succulent soil mixed with course sand or perlite.

Do not overwater this plant. Give it a good watering and then let it dry out completely. Water more often in the hot summer months and reduce watering during the winter. Don’t allow this plant to sit in water.

These plants can be planted outdoors but wont survive a hard frost. They can also be an invasive ground cover so be careful where you plant them.

Common Name:   Ice Plant

Origin:   Native to South Africa

Available in 4.5 inch

Not meant for human or animal consumption.