Marigolds require lots of direct sunlight. In very warm regions though, they will need shade during the hottest part of the day. They should be planted in a good quality commercial potting soil in a pot with drainage holes.

Marigolds are drought tolerant and don’t do well in soggy soil. When watering, water thoroughly and allow to drain through drainage hole. Water again when the top inch of the soil is dry.

Fertilize weekly using a water-soluble fertilizer. Follow instructions on the package.

Pinch off (deadhead) spent blooms regularly to encourage more blooming. Don’t wait until the blooms are completely dead. Do it as soon as they wilt. Deadheading will encourage the plant to bloom until the fall.

Common Names: Pot Marigold, Marygold, Poet’s Marigold, Scotch Marigold, Scottish Marigold

Origin: Indigenous to Mexico and Guatemala

Available in 12 inch

Not meant for human or animal consumption.