Hoya Kerrii variagated prefers bright, indirect sunlight. If this plant gets too much light it will burn the leaves, but if it gets too little light it will lose variagation.

Water when the soil is dry to the touch. It does not like to have its roots wet so it is best to let it dry between waterings to prevent root rot.    It requires a well-draining soil with pumice and/or perlite. You don’t need to worry about humidity levels with this plant.

Fertilize during the growing season (spring through summer) with a complete liquid fertilizer diluted to 1/4 strength twice a month.

Common Names: Hoya Heart, Sweetheart and Variegated Heart Hoya, Variegated Hoya Sweetheart

Origin:   South China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and the Indonesian island of Java.

Available in 5 inch

Hoyas are not meant for human or animal consumption.