Frosty Fern is not technically a fern but acts like one. It gets it’s name because of the white color of its new growth. It is more of a moss than a fern.

Keep it in low, filtered sunlight. Avoid keeping it in drafts.

Plant in well-draining soil and keep it moist. Water from below using a saucer. Do not mist this plant. This plant needs at least 70% humidity. You will most likely need a humidifier or plant it in an enclosed container.

Fertilize each week with a 1/4 strength, balanced fertilizer. Apply to moist soil and make sure you don’t apply to the leaves.

Official Name:   Selaginella kraussiana

Common Names: Spike moss or Clubmoss

Origin:   Native to the Azores and parts of Africa

Available in 5 inch

This plant is not meant for human or animal consumption.