The Ficus Burgundy plant does best in bright light. They will grow long stems if they don’t get enough light. They can be pruned if they get too big and will tend to grow bushier and fuller when pruned. Don’t move these plants around much. They like to have time to adapt to their environment.

These plants are tolerant of inconsistent watering but will do better if watered on a regular schedule. Do not over water! Water only when the soil becomes somewhat dry.

Fertilize once or twice a year in the spring and summer. They can be fertilized more often for faster growth. Just follow the directions on a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer.

Common Names: Ficus Elastica Burgundy, India rubber plant, India rubber tree or India rubber fig, rubber fig, rubber plant, burgundy rubber tree

Origin: Native to many parts of eastern South Asia and Southeast Asia

Available in 5, 6 and 12 inch

Ficus plants are not meant for human or animal consumption. These plants produce a milky sap that can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin.