Ficus Benji Green is excellent at purifying the air of harmful toxins such as: formaldehyde and benzene (which is found in detergents, plastics and pesticides), trichloroethylene (found in dry cleaning solvents), toluene (which is found in paint thinner and nail polish), ammonia and, of course, carbon dioxide.

It does best in bright indirect light or in sunny areas but tolerates indoor limited light conditions. This plant does not like to be moved.

Water regularly during the growing season but do not require as much water during fall to late winter. It’s best to keep your watering schedule consistent.

Fertilize once or twice a year in the spring and summer. They can be fertilized more often for faster growth. Just follow the directions on a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer.

“Clean Air” Plant

Common Names: Weeping fig, Benjamin Fig or Ficus Tree

Origin: Native to Asia and Australia

Available in 12 inch

Ficus Benji are not meant for human or animal consumption. This plant does contain latex so should be kept away from people with latex allergy.