Tender Loving Care

Fatsia do well indoors in bright, filtered light. If you move it outside, make sure you put it in the shade. Allow the soil to dry out before watering. The leaves may even droop a little. Brown brittle leaves indicate under-watering and soft leaves that turn yellow indicate over-watering. Use a fast-draining soil.

This plant likes medium to high humidity.

Fatsia thrives in cooler temperatures. In the winter, it should be kept at 45 F to 55 F; otherwise, it should not be allowed to get over 70 F.

Fatsia plants need regular aggressive pruning in the spring and the growing tips should be pinched regularly to keep it small and manageable with a bushy look. It rarely blooms when grown indoors.

Feed with a weak liquid fertilizer in the growing season.

Common Names: Fatsia japonica, fatsi, paperplant, false castor oil plant, or Japanese aralia

Origin: Native to southern Japan, southern Korea and Taiwan

Available in 6 and 12 inch

Fatsia is not meant for human or animal consumption.