Dracaena Janet Craig will thrive in moderate to bright light but will tolerate low light. Keep it out of direct sunlight because that can scorch the leaves. If the leaves are pale, it may not have enough light.

They don’t require as much water as other plants and they need a well-draining soil to prevent root rot. Do not over water these plants. Water less in winter.

Mist these plants regularly to keep them hydrated and happy. If you see brown tips on the leaves, you will need to boost the humidity by adding a humidifier or a tray with pebbles and water. Do not allow the pot to sit in the water though.

Fertilize Janet Craig monthly year-round with a balanced water-soluble fertilizer diluted by half.

Botanical Name: Dracaena deremensis

Origin: Tropical East Africa

Available in 6 inch

This plant is not meant for human or animal consumption.