5in Yellow Orchid

Origin: China

Care: Orchids thrive in south or east facing windows. The amount of light is extremely important for the orchid and determines how it blooms. Orchids receiving too little light will produce lush, dark green leaves, but no blooms. If the orchid receives enough light, leaves will appear light green and yellowish with strong, upright roots.

pink orchid
6in Pink Orchid

Water the orchid when the potting mix appears dry, dry pots tend to feel lighter, and clay pots will feel dry. if you are still unsure, just stick a finger in the potting mix to check. At a minimum, copiously water your orchid at least once a month. Provide water until it flows freely through the drainage holes at the bottom of it’s container. Fertilize using 1/2 the label recommended strength once a week during the summer and once every two weeks during the fall and winter.