7″ Pink Calla Lily

Origin: South Africa

Products Available: 5″,7″ in purple, black, pink, and yellow during January – May, September – October

Indoor Care: Calla Lilies need to be kept moist, but not saturated. Water in 1 cup intervals 2-3 times per week depending on size. Do not let the plant dry out, the flowers will age faster and begin to droop. Your calla lily will grow in full sunlight if kept at a temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, keep in partial sunlight. Water droplets on the leaf tips signify that the plant is active, but also that it may potentially be over-watered. As blooms decrease, reduce watering. Replant your calla lily once a year.

7in Red Calla Lily
7in Yellow Calla Lily
5in Calla Lily in Clay