Benigo Pink requires bright, indirect light year round. Placing these in a north or east window is best.

These plants like to stay consistently moist. Once the top inch of soil has dried out, saturate and then allow to drain. Don’t overwater. Planting these in well-draining soil will ensure you don’t over- or under-water.

This plant likes to be kept warm so avoid places where it gets cold drafts. It also loves humidity so a kitchen or bath are perfect rooms for these plants.

For best results, use a fertilizer high in potassium at half strength, once per month during the growing season and every two months in the off season.

Common Names: Polka Dot Plant ‘Benigo’, Spotted Begonia ‘Benigo’ and Angel Wing ‘Benigo’

Origin: Central and South America, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa

Available in 5 inch

Not intended for human or animal consumption.