Asparagus Pyramid Fern does not tolerate bright sunlight. It does best if kept in a place with dappled shade.

This plant prefers loose, well-drained potting soil but is more tolerant of different soil conditions than most plants.

Asparagus Ferns require high humidity so must be misted daily. You can also place in a dish with pebbles and water to increase humidity. Do not let the pot sit in water. If this plant does not get enough humidity it will turn brown and become droopy.

Fertilize weekly during the warm season with all-purpose plant food diluted to half strength.

Common Name:   Asparagus Fern, Foxtail Fern, Cat’s Tail Fern

Origin:   Tropics and subtropics of Asia and New Guinea

Available in 6 inch

Not meant for human or animal consumption.