Aglaonema Silver Bay is excellent at purifying the air of harmful toxins such as: formaldehyde and benzene (which is found in detergents, plastics and pesticides), trichloroethylene (found in dry cleaning solvents), toluene (which is found in paint thinner and nail polish), ammonia and, of course, carbon dioxide.

Aglaonema can be grown just about anywhere in your home or office. It tolerates both low and bright light and does not need natural light to thrive. It grows well an office environment with fluorescent lighting.

You can’t go wrong with watering these plants. Either keep the plant evenly moist or water every few weeks. It will do well either way.

You do not need to fertilize aglaonema but doing so once or twice a year using a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer will give the best results.

“Clean Air” Plant

Common Name:   Chinese Evergreen

Origin:   Tropics and subtropics of Asia and New Guinea

Available in 12 and 14 inch

Aglaonema are not meant for human or animal consumption.